If you lead a business, any business, B2B or B2C, things are changing.

Not only in the way have we meet our customers’ needs, but the entire process. Shift is underway.

From the first contact until eternity, it is the responsibility of our organizations—large and small—to create memorable customer experiences. Not some of the time, but all of the time.

In a world cluttered with mediocrity, standing out is the only way to get ahead and stay there. In fact, I contend average customer experience is worse than bad.

So how do we better engage our customers?

For most companies this isn’t going to happen by chance. It takes acute recognition of the changes happening around us.

Beyond recognition, it will also take action by leadership—a conscious shift from decision makers to embrace the change and implement new ways of doing things in just about every part of their businesses.

Perhaps you think you know what these changes are, or maybe you are wondering if the shifts we are going to explore are the same as certain shifts you see in your business.

So what is changing?

I call them “The New Rules of Customer Engagement.” These rules are constructed by the impact of six business trends happening around all of our businesses that may or may not be obvious day in and day out.

One by one, we will explore six trends that are forever changing the customer engagement process, then we will lead thought provoking conversations that can be applied to your business and leave you with resources for implementing the new rules to your business.

These six trends shape how companies need to do business from this day forward:

Trend 1: How Informed Consumers are Changing Everything

Trend 2: Why Your Response Time Must be Faster: The Impact of Immediacy on Customer Experience

Trend 3: Getting Creative: Your Business Value Lies In Your Creativity

Trend 4: The Role of The Human Network; Your Human Network

Trend 5: Don’t Sell Me. Show Me! Selling More by Driving Outcomes and Advocacy within Your Client Organizations

Trend 6: Customer Experience Trumps Everything Else You Do: Why Mediocre is the New Bad and Extraordinary Must be the Ordinary

If your business is ready to take on the changing landscape impacted by these six trends, stay with us as we explore how to create better business outcomes every day by focusing first on what today’s customers are seeking from their suppliers.

Ready to go?

We look forward to connecting to better customer experiences with you.

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Daniel Newman

Founder and President at Broadsuite, Inc.
After 12 years of running technology companies including a CEO appointment at the age of 28, I traded the corner office for a chance to drive the discussion on how the digital economy is going to forever change the way business is done. I'm an MBA, adjunct business professor and 4x author of best-selling business books including "The Millennial CEO" and "The New Rules of Customer Engagement." Pianist, soccer fan, husband and father, not in that order. Oh and for work...I'm the co-founder of V3B [Broadsuite], a marketing firm specializing in the digital space, helping companies be found, seen and heard in a cluttered digital world.
Daniel Newman
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