Have you noticed all the attention being given to the Millennial generation lately?

If you haven’t…you will, and there’s a good reason for that:

Otherwise known as “Echo Boomers”, Millennials may be just about to take over the country,

if not the world. By the year 2020 its estimated they will compose over 50% of the workforce.

I, for one, am just a scoche disappointed that I can’t be considered a true “Millennial” because of my age. This means I have to settle for being of the “Millennial Mindset”…which I’ll just have to embrace.

Being of this mindset means I’m basically doing everything that someone classified in the Millennial generation does: having a focus on community, leaning more left than right, and most of all using technology as much as possible to my advantage. And its not that I’m trying as hard as possible to be a part of the movement, its just how I live my life currently. My age says I’m a member of Generation X, but my heart and mind are with The Group Formerly Known As Generation Y.


As stated before, this one group will be running the country for the rest of us as we age out of the workforce. So we obviously should care about who they are. Recently IBM released a report that ended up debunking a lot of the myths surrounding Millennials, which is GOOD news for everyone else. Quite honestly, the assumptions made about this up-and-coming group were WAY off….

Vincent Orleck

Social Media Manager at Plexus Worldwide
Not a guru, maven, ninja, or rock star. President of the Phoenix chapter of Social Media Club. Believer in social selling and turning hashtags into handshakes. Father and husband. Fan of the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics (born into it as a Rhode Island native).