About Lindsay Bell-Wheeler

Lindsay Bell is the Director of Content Services at V3*Broadsuite. That means she’s the big dog. She leads our team with regard to content marketing, including strategy, ideation, execution, and editorial expertise. A former television producer (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) with over 20 years of experience, she anticipated the marriage of journalism and digital content marketing, and brought her knack for creating audience responsive content to the digital space in 2010. Since that time, she has preached her ‘be human online’ mantra to pretty much anyone smart enough to listen, both in Canada and the United States. Which is good, because she’s right. Lindsay is a well-regarded figure in the world of digital marketing, especially as it relates to expertise with content. She’s our token Canadian and lives in Toronto, with her cool kid, patient husband, two annoying cats, and Hank Dawg—a Vizsla/Foxhound/moose hybrid. Ok, maybe not a real moose. And yes, she’s also prone to occasional exaggeration. Which is another reason we love her. That, and of course her accent.
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