Everyone is loving the conversations happening over on Blab.im these days, but knowing what to do after your Blab session might help make it deliver even better results for you. We are big fans of the Blab platform. It’s helping people connect and build relationships in ways that other platforms just don’t quite do. Even better? Blab is an awesome tool for businesses and a way that companies large or small can create compelling rich media content and experiences that can serve their customers.

There are some incredible conversations happening on Blab, and our team is regularly using it to replace Google Hangouts. The Blab.im platform is super easy to use, but once you’re done with your “show” or conversation, you might want to share that Blab in a blog post. Here’s how to do that.

First, there are a few reasons you may want to embed your Blab in a blog post. The first is that instead of sending traffic from Twitter or other social platforms to Blab, why not get that traffic to your own website? Second, is you can elaborate and add additional resources to the Blab by embedding it in a post. Third, you always have to respect the unique preferences of your audience. Some people like video. Others like written content. When you write a blog post and capture the key points made in your Blab.im conversation or show, it makes folks who don’t always gravitate to video content happy, and chances are good that if your blog post is compelling enough, they’ll take time to watch your Blab video. That’s a double bonus.

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Here are the three simple steps to embedding your Blab.

  1. Make sure your Blab was recorded. If you didn’t click “on the record” then you won’t get an email after your session that contains the code to embed it. This seems obvious, but sometimes you may not plan on using the Blab for anything special but the conversation might get thought-provoking or you get some great guests showing up, and by that time is it too late if you didn’t hit “on the record” button.
  2. Look for the email from Blab. Following your Blab.im session, an email will show up in your inbox containing links to download either audio or video of the Blab (or both) and under that is a code snippet to embed the Blab. It is that simple. Copy the whole code if you are adding it to your website with the iframe code or drop just the source link if your website converts it for you.
  3. Check the video on your website and adjust any parameters for size as needed. For the geeky among us (and I’m counting myself in that fine group), you can play with a few setting in the code to customize it to your taste. You can also grab screenshots from your video to use as shareable images for your post or to highlight various moments.

So, there you have it—you can now check “learn how to embed your Blab” off the list of things to figure out! Blab is a great place to have conversations, but the conversation doesn’t have to stop there. You can use what’s you create on Blab in your podcast, in your video content library on YouTube or on your website, or in your blog posts. Blog posts with embedded Blab videos can let you take the conversation further, or highlight specific resources or sub-topics in the Blab. You can also extend the life of the Blab by distributing it across platforms and keep your content evergreen.

Blab Tip: Be a Director. One thing about the Blab UX that’s really cool is that it allows you to actually direct your own video as you go. You can pause and restart your recording as often as you want during the Blab. This is great if your ultimate goal is to steer the conversation in a certain direction and it goes off topic for a bit, toggling the record button along the way allows you to direct the production of your video, but also let the conversation be organic during the Blab.

And there’s that SEO Bonus. Another reason to use your recorded Blab event beyond the Blab platform is that embedding your Blab is also great for website optimization as a compelling conversation will keep people on your site longer which reduces your bounce rate. A lower bounce rate may also reduce your Google bounce which could help your SEO. Uploading your Blabs to your corporate YouTube channel, and making sure you optimize the video, will also generate good SEO results for you. So really, you’re taking one piece of rich media content and optimizing it across multiple platforms. Good for people. Good for SEO.

Do you have any great Blab tips you want to share? We would love to know your experience with Blab or embedding Blabs on your website below. Keep Blabbing!

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