I had the opportunity to be on 4 panels this year at South By Southwest 2015.  The video below is from the first panel hosted by Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today focused around the idea of a change agent.  I was truly honored to be on a panel alongside such strong business leaders.

At SXSW this year, IBM and Social Media Today gathered a group of people we consider to be game-changers to discuss the future of social business and who is destined to determine the #NewWayToWork. Watch the video to hear what they had to say!

My Take:

Change is happening for all no matter the industry and this was highlighted by the diversity in companies, backgrounds and people that were on this panel.  From a recently funded startup called SPLASH, to a passionate social media manager working for a brand everyone loves REI, to a seasoned change agent that is trying to lead change globally at Nissan, to a global ecosystem business leader and social evangelist at IBM, to me a change evangelist and proud millennial.

As a Millennial on the panel, I felt although many of the questions seemed to be about the millennial mindset, the true focus seemed to be on the importance of identifying exactly what change is happening at your business, who is leading that change and how to grow and foster more people to lead more change!

This “New Way To Work” requires a change of philosophy and that change isn’t isolated to enterprises but also startups, popular brands, global brands and anyone wanting to compete and grow their business in this millennial mindset culture.  I feel as though we are at unique stage in the millennial change cycle where businesses and leaders understand they must change, they want to change but they still are figuring out what that change looks like.  It’s up to us, those that have a millennial mindset to not just talk about this change but teach it, inspire it, help lead it but most of all share and collaborate openly so together we can learn and change faster.

About the Panel:

Hosted by Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today Brought to you by IBM. #NewWaytoWork

David Parkinson, Head of Digital for Africa, Middle East and India, Nissan
Lulu Gephart, Manager of Social and Earned Media, REI
Ben Hindman, CEO, Splash
Sandy Carter, IBM General Manager, Cloud Ecosystem and Developers and Social Business Evangelist,
Brian Fanzo, Chief Digital Strategist and Partner, Broadsuite, Inc

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Brian Fanzo

Chief Digital Strategist and Partner at Broadsuite, Inc.
Brian Fanzo is a proud Dad of 3 girls, Pittsburgh Sports Fan, Social Technology Geek and Millennial Change Evangelist.Brian is a Millennial Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Digital Strategist, Social Business Influencer, and Futurist.He was recently awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 by IBM & The Economist Intelligence Unit.His social philosophy is #ShowUcare & he talks fast and tweets faster at @iSocialFanz