July 2015…. New podcast called iSocialTalks.

iSocialTalks has been a video blog this last year and half but I felt like it was missing something.  That something was engagement, community and raw real-time Q & A.  Meerkat & Periscope are going to provide that and more as the new podcast iSocialTalks will be live streamed 3 days a week, allowing the audience and community on Meerkat & Periscope a chance to engage and participate in every episode.  Not only that but one lucky person each month will be selected from the live stream audience to take over as a special host and share their own TTR.

Whats TTR?  TTR stands for “Tip + Tool + Rant” which will be the format of the live stream podcast episodes on monday’s and Wednesday’s.  Friday’s show will be a unique show providing a new name to the popular hashtag #FF as it will now forever stand for: F.O.M.O. Friday.

Want to find out more about this new podcast? 

I’ll be posting my weekly live streaming times in my email newsletter so you can add it to your calendar and not miss a show.  Sign-up for my new email newsletter by texting ISOCIAL to 33444 or clicking this link and filling out the form.  I promise this podcast and email newsletter will be like nothing you’ve seen before!



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