Leadership: Brave Enough Not to Speak

Leadership: Brave Enough Not to Speak

Jul 17, 2013

Leadership is often closely correlated with action.

Taking the lead, showing leadership, being a leader.

Those actions suggest that the leader is doing something.

Most often people looking to be led look for the leader to step forward and say something.

More or less, give instructions that provide those seeking leadership a course to follow.

But leadership doesn’t always revolve around the outspoken leader and being a leader doesn’t always mean that the leader must provide a direct path.

Leadership is really more defined by the less visible actions such as honesty, humility, integrity and empathy.

While all four of these things are actions. You can be honest, humble or empathetic. And you can show integrity through a series of actions.

Nonetheless, many of these most important leadership activities don’t require a word.

it is not to suggest that the leader should be silent, but to suggest that the leader does not always need to be the one talking.

To truly guide those who seek it, results may best be realized through witnessing your actions, not listening to your intent?

For instance…

The way you listen: Showing that you care as much about what others have to say as what you have to say.
How you live your word: That you can more than direct, but be the change you wish to see.
Your ability to be wrong: The ability to acknowledge failure and mistakes and further using them opportunistically.
A Sense of Selflessness: The desire to genuinely help others even when nothing is in it for you.

As you sit in meetings, on calls or even in social situations, leadership opportunities are abundant. However it does not mean that you must fill empty space with words or speak the most in order to be seen as a leader.

It comes down to choosing your contributions wisely and realizing that you can lead without saying a word.

We know that you have the guts to speak up when its required, but the more important question may be…

Are you brave enough not to speak?


People can be ego-maniacs and still be followed and still be great leaders - don't you agree?

 I think the most important thing about being a leader is consistency - that's what differentiates a real leader from the others.

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