After a long, cold winter, once the snow thaws for good, it’s safe to say that summer is just around the corner.

Whether it’s the short sleeves, bonfires, patios, camping, cottage, the beach… there’s just something about the warm months of the year that make life sweeter than it already is. But for some of us, longer days means more time to indulge – so how do you prepare yourself to make the most of summer, but in a healthy and happy fashion? Millennial CEO’s Lifestyle Team offers up their best advice for you to enjoy yourself – just the right amount.

Ben Phillips (@benfigo):

Summer is fast approaching and before we know it, sunburns and hangovers will once again plague the nation on a daily basis.

This year, why not do a little planning and preparation to enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable and healthy summertime?

I’m not one to comment on diets and workout regimes. My idea of a diet is a Soft Taco instead of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. My petition to you is to evaluate and plan for familial and relationship health. Here are a couple reminders to help keep your relationships strong:

Communicate. Remind those you love that you love them and spend some time talking about why they are important to you.

Spend time together. Spending the entire summer sleeping poolside may sound great, but the best moments in life are rarely experienced solo. Make memories with those around you for them and for you.

Forgive. If you truly care for someone, allow them to be human. We all make mistakes and expect forgiveness. It comes to us a lot faster when we offer it genuinely.

Encourage others. We all need a cheerleader in our lives. Follow the advice of Ted Rubin and just “Be Good To People.”

Chris Barrows (@CBarrows):

Staying active on a daily basis isn’t an easy thing for me to do historically. There was a time I would have said I was a runner, an active one at that.

I can’t say that’s the case now.

This is partially due to a weak ankle due to multiple sprain ankles. But I can’t use that as an excuse as for why I can’t stay healthy.


My biggest goal for the summer to is ensure that I walk a minimum of an hour a day (on average). In addition, I do aim to run as much as I can without putting too much strain on my weak ankle. The key to being consistent is tracking this on a daily basis with little to no effort.

In order to do this, I utilize two key apps:

Eric Clark (@EA_Clark):

Now that #Snowmageddon2015 is a distant memory, I can get back on the health and wellness wagon!

While there are a ton of great mobile apps and websites geared towards health and wellness, I like to keep it simple.
Running is my exercise of choice, and there is an amazing Twitter community that I go to for support. Asics

In 2014, I joined the #500in2014 challenge, where a large group of people on Twitter vowed to run 500 miles in 2014. While I didn’t run 500 miles, I beat my own personal record for miles run in a year.

This year I started off strong, and hope to make up lost ground very soon. The only thing I need to get back in action is my iPhone, Nike Running app, and Asics GT 2000s.

Hit me up on Twitter and join the #500in2015 community. We can do this together!

Vincenzo Landino (@vincenzolandino):

Just get outside. Living in the northeast and coming off a usually long winter, I get a little stir-crazy. When the weather get nice, it’s really time to take advantage of the mornings.

I’m a morning person (regardless of the time of year), but during the spring/summer, I love getting in my workouts first thing. If it’s a run, I just get out and go for an hour or so. If it’s weight training, I’ll throw down a cup of coffee and a bottle of water and hit the gym.

Enzo Tip: Keep a bottle of water next to your bed. As soon as you wake up, drink a full bottle of water before you start your day.

Bree Kelley (@SmartSuiteBree):

Over the last decade, the pressure to prioritize health and remain in-shape has surmounted. With the trend of organic and non-GMO food on the rise, and the pop-up of cross-fit gyms on every corner, it’s hard to not feel torn between squeezing in a 5:00 am work out and finishing up the latest project for your boss. With the right amount of planning and time management, you don’t have to choose between the two.

StretchingMeal planning is a great way to measure, plan, and prioritize nutritious meals and snacks for the week. It enables you to maintain your calorie goals and helps avoid last minute unhealthy snacking. Choosing a work-out partner is another way to help maintain your fitness goals. Not only does working out with a friend hold you both accountable and help you stick to your routine, it also makes longer, strenuous workouts more fun. Finally, find an activity you love. Forcing yourself to play team-sports when you’d rather run alone, isn’t a great way to motivate yourself to “get up and go.” By choosing activities you have an interest in and enjoy doing, will help make gearing up for a healthy summer even more enjoyable.

Stay fit, my friends!

Cody Stevenson (@TheCodyVision):

It has always been difficult for me to balance health and business. Trying to stay on top of task while making sure you take time for yourself is not a strong point for me. As I get older, I realize I need to be more aware and take care of myself. I’m not exactly a young whipper snapper like I used to be!

As a couple, Katie and I have made huge improvements in the way we eat over the years. We are also looking forward to wiping the dust off the mountain bikes and hitting the local lake for some kayaking. Who knows, we might just get some great footage to share with everyone, so stay on the lookout!

Matt Black (@mattblackink):

I’ve struggled with weight issues my entire life – so wanting to bust out of my igloo in an effort to shed a few extra lbs. as the temperature rises is nothing new to me. And frankly, it’s more satisfying to be able to go for a jog or throw the baseball around outside in the warm weather than it is cooped up in a gym.

Thanks to a lively conversation with my Facebook community, I recently decided to purchase a Fitbit.

I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.

It is incredibly motivating to be held accountable to those little numbers on my wrist. My steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled… all right there to either tell me I’m on the right track or I need to move my ass and work harder.

No, having another device controlling my life isn’t necessary or always desirable to some – but being cognisant of the truth can’t hurt, right?

KebabAnother one of my favourite aspects of the summer is taking more time to enjoy the fresh evening air while BBQ’ing – I always find I eat cleaner, more well-rounded meals when I’m manning the grill. There’s something extra-satisfying about a steak or veggies that have that smoky, warm aroma.

 At the end of the day, it’s a combination of mindset and lifestyle – all controlled by the choices you make.

We want to hear how you prepare to stay healthy and happy during the summer! Please leave us your thoughts in the Comments section below, and feel free to connect with all of us on Twitter.

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