Remember when the first iPhone was released?

I do. And I remember saying to myself, “I really don’t need that….yet. Plus it probably costs a ton, PLUS you NEVER buy the first version of a new technology…but man would that be cool to have!”

Most of that was correct actually (lol). It was pricey (somewhere around $600). And no, of course it wasn’t a necessity (yet). And yes, there were glitches initially (and ones that were still to come).

BUT…it only took a short amount of time for millions of people to buy one and for other companies to start making their own versions.

In anticipation of the new Apple Watch pre-order tomorrow (and subsequent April 24th purchase date), I feel like I did when the first iPhone was released, and even the first iPad…




They’re not the first with a smartwatch, or with a new wireless, cardless, in-person payment system. But you don’t have to be the first on the scene in order to be the best, as we’ve seen happen time and again ESPECIALLY in the world of technology.

As always (and like with previous Apple products) there are naysayers. Among my friends, opinions are split between negative and positive.

I have to say I’m impressed with both the many different looks and styles that the Apple Watch offers. And the functionality looks to be impressive, entertaining, and useful. I’m anxiously awaiting to see how developers will create apps for this new medium.

Even the Apple event that originally announced the coming of the Watch was the first one in a while that felt like the days of old, when there was a lot of news along with new, interesting products coming from Cupertino.

So yes…I guess I’m an Apple fanboy at this point! But I don’t mean for this to come off as a commercial, just as an observation/prediction that this new product feels like yet another paradigm shift. They have succeeded (yet again) in creating a new category that will set the standard for others to follow in the industry. While other “smart” watches exist currently, there’s nothing like this.

And to eliminate any and all doubt, YES I’ll be ordering mine at 12:01am PST on April 10th.

Vincent Orleck

Social Media Manager at Plexus Worldwide
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