I’m Loving the Twitter​ Periscope vs Meerkat app​ competition because it’s empowering faster innovation and feature enhancements but it’s also feeding into my FOMO

On April 8th I had over 1,000 people listen to me on #Meerkat for an hour talking about my newest blog post about 14 Twitter Tools and as soon as the #Periscope update was released today I jumped on it to test but sadly it’s still missing 3 of the features it must have for me to jump completely off of Meerkat….
so what I’m learning is I feel like a kid on christmas waiting daily for the app store to refresh and update one of these two apps….

It’s too early to call one a winner and I like the updates in today’s periscope 1.0.2 release but periscope must add two features for me ever to switch:

  • Stream Scheduling (24 hour windows)
  • Scrollable Comments that don’t disappear in .5 seconds
  • Twitter Embeds of videos, links, landing page & comments!

I also wrote some other posts around how I leveraged Meerkat at SXSW as well as talked about it on the podcast I co-host SMACTalk 

TIME WILL TELL….. For now I’m embracing my Fear of Missing Out and enjoying the debate via live stream!

Follow me on #Meerkat here to join the conversation: http://meerkatapp.co/isocialfanz

Watch the video here:

(If you want to watch the Meerkat from earlier today or any of my past meerkats I setup a landing page for all of them here: http://www.isocialfanz.com/Meerkat)


Brian Fanzo

Chief Digital Strategist and Partner at Broadsuite, Inc.
Brian Fanzo is a proud Dad of 3 girls, Pittsburgh Sports Fan, Social Technology Geek and Millennial Change Evangelist.Brian is a Millennial Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Digital Strategist, Social Business Influencer, and Futurist.He was recently awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 by IBM & The Economist Intelligence Unit.His social philosophy is #ShowUcare & he talks fast and tweets faster at @iSocialFanz