Brian and Rachel were thrilled to have Jay Baer join Social Business Hour on Monday, June 1st.  We started the month in overdrive with a renowned expert on relationships, digital marketing and social business.  Jay is literally writing the book on how to deal with negative feedback online.  He’s a best selling author, keynote speaker and founder of Convince and Convert.  We asked him some burning questions:

Q1: Hug vs Shrug. Can we really embrace all haters?

Q2: How can we train ourselves to get excited about negative feedback?

Q3: Online anonymity has increased the number of negative reviews posted. How can businesses effectively act on this feedback?

Q4: Technology is abetting customers need for more attention. How can customers and businesses meet in the middle?

Q5: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about business today what would it be and why?


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Christin Kardos

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