SMACTalk Live Podcast (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

S.M.A.C. Talk Live Podcast (SMAC spelled out)For an audience looking for a business centric multi-media experience into the topics of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, they will have to look no further than to SMACtalk Live. This weekly podcast has been a “Top 10 New and Noteworthy” for Tech and Social Media podcasts on iTunes almost since it launched. With hard hitting conversation on not only the technology but how it relates to business and the future of work, listeners can count on this podcast for hard hitting analysis that makes the future of tech a little more clear and a whole lot more fun.

The show, SMACTalk (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) is a weekly multi-format show that includes a Hangout on Air (Video) and a Podcast. The show will last 30 minutes and the discussions will be around the 4 topics listed above. Each week we will filter the internet for the best content from thinkers, entrepreneurs and brands and use it as a platform for our discussion. Topics will also include Social Business, Technology, Innovation, Big Data, Social Media, Marketing, CIO vs CMO, Leadership, startup life, Entrepreneurship and more while also bringing on industry thought leaders as special episode co hosts!
Hosted by Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo. (@DanielNewamanUV & @iSocialFanz)

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